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99re5.久久热在线视频-This is the feedback page for Sheldon Brown's informational Web site. To offer feedback about pages at, please go to the Harris Cyclery contact page. Please use the link below to offer suggestions about any other page at


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Sheldon Brown died on February 4, 2008 -- but this site is being actively maintained, updated and expanded by his wife, Harriet Fell, and his close friend John Allen, co-author of most editions of Sutherland's Handbook for Bicycle Mechanics.

The pages still carry the Harris Cyclery banner at the top, and many links to products on sale at Harris Cyclery. In addition, we are supporting updating of the site with Google ads on our pages. Please patronize Harris Cyclery and our Google Ads sponsors to keep this site growing and improving.

Work on the site will include, more or less in order, but overlapping:

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If you like the site, tell somebody about it! Put a link on your own site, or, better yet, multiple links! We encourage people to link to individual articles, or sub-directories where appropriate, and to individual definitions in the Bicycle Glossary. We will keep the URLs stable so your links will not go bad.

日本天码不卡高清-Please feel free to comment on anything here, or to submit an article for the site. Please let us know how we might improve the site, whether you've found a simple typo, a dead link, or think we should totally overhaul the interface and structure. (Yes, we know we should overhaul the formatting -- suggestions are welcome :-).

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