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by John "Looking Ahead, Looking Back" Allen
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日本天码不卡高清-Cyclists and videos

Starting in 2006 with the introduction of the first GoPro camera, miniature digital video cameras have become increasingly popular with bicyclists, to record rides, assist with instruction, document riding conditions and provide evidence in case of a crash. The articles listed on this page describe some of these cameras, ways to use them, and techniques for editing video which they produce.

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    免費高清A片-Camera Reviews

    日本高清黄色毛片免费视频看-The Sony HDR-AS100V helmet camera

    A modern camera with many advanced features, including image stabilization

    深夜老司机福利视频入内-the Mobius M800 action camera/dashcam

                    A small, versatile and inexpensive camera, but i've ahd a reliability issue.

                    99re5.久久热在线视频-The Garmin VIRB 360 camera

                    This camera takes video in the round, keeps it upright and points in the direction you are riding. Pricey, though!

                    日本天码不卡高清-The Go Pro Helmet Hero HD helmet camera

                    The first high-definition GoPro, very reliable. I still use one.

                    日本天码不卡高清-The Contour HD1080 helmet camera

                    Contour was GoPro's main competition around 2012. My Contour camera has neat features, laser aiming and a rotatable sensor. It served me well until I dropped it and it went out of focus. This is supposed to be fixable and I've tried, but I have yet to succeed.

                    免費高清A片-Techmoan Web site -- reviews of action cams

                    Techmoan, Matt, reviews action cameras, thoroughly, with a sense of humour. (Spelling is intentional: he is British). Note though that he reviews new cameras and so he can't test reliability. I've had a couple of Mobius cameras he recommended quit just after the warranty ran out. Otherwise, his reviews have been very helpful.


                    免費高清A片-Synchronizing multi-camera shoots

                  1. Some newer cameras start-stop in synch by wi-fi, but it is also possible to synchronize using hand claps, a variation on the classic Hollywood clapperboard technique.

                    免費高清A片-Image stabilization for bicycle video

                    A description of the different types of image stabilization and how they work with bicycle video.


                    免費高清A片-VirtualDub video processor

                    A free video processing application that runs in Windows, with a large array of plug-ins, useful especially for preprocessing.


                    Deinterlacing improves the display quality of old standard-definition videos, especially as displayed on a computer screen. There is a rather good deinterlacing plug-in for VirtualDub.

                    日本高清黄色毛片免费视频看-Deshaker image stabilization plug-in for Virtualdub

                    Deshaker is a highly configurable image-stabilization plugin which produces excellent results with bicycle video. You must change the settings, though!

                    99re5.久久热在线视频-Saving to MP4 in VirtualDub

                      1. By default, VirtualDub saves in .AVI format, but with some plugins and a workaround, it can save to .MP4, which makes smaller files and works better in video editors.

                        日本天码不卡高清-Using Virtualdub to improve video from VHS tape

                        An article on another site -- helpful with old tapes.

                        日本高清黄色毛片免费视频看-Pinnacle and Avid editing software

                        I use Pinnacle Studio Ultimate software, which is derived from very high-end Avid software. Review is here.

                        99re5.久久热在线视频-Five Ways to Create a Picture in Picture in Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

                        You'll want a picture in picture when shooting front and rear video. Pinnacle has accumulated several different ways to create a picture in picture, with overlapping features. This article will help you figure out which module to use.

                        免費高清A片-Pinnacle overwrites voiceovers...

                        Preventing and recovering from some bad behavior.

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